Skyane Story

My name is Nidia Santos, I have a bachelor degree in Business Management. I am the CEO and founder of the company Skyane Accessories, with an online store of female accessories focused on the black culture.

During the course attendance, I noticed the absence of accessories that represent the culture of African women here in the United Kingdom, hence the need to create a company that was able to supply and create accessories that met the focus on the women and also in African culture.

In that order of ideas, I also wanted to guarantee a dignified legacy for my daughters and the recognition of their cultural roots.

Made with love to empower women.


Enhance female beauty in its most genuine and sensual form, increase confidence and self-esteem with the aim of being accessible to all women regardless of their social position or financial condition.


Reconquer the identity of the African woman lost over the centuries.
Recognition, validation and acceptance of African culture.
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Give women the accessories, so that they feel a lot more women and learn to recognize their own value, also to enjoy being what they are and how they are.
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Skyane accessories are more geared towards African women, however, any woman regardless of her race, creed, religion, culture or country who identifies, may use the accessories of Skyane.

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